Performance Coaching for musicians and Bands

Take your performance skills to the next level

Mastering the art of commanding a stage and connecting with an audience is one of the most formidable challenges for any musician. With over 18 years of experience as a professional guitarist, vocalist, bandleader, and performer, I have acquired invaluable insights that I’m eager to share.

As a coach, I specialize in helping singers, musicians, and bands elevate their musical abilities and refine their stage presence. Whether it’s honing your instrumental or vocal skills, or boosting your overall musical awareness, I offer guidance and support to improve your performance skills.

Additionally, I understand that cohesive teamwork is pivotal for bands to transcend the realm of mere individual players and become a tight unit that captivates audiences. By fostering effective musical communication among band members, and working on repertoire and band awareness, we can unlock the true potential of your group, allowing you to deliver great live performances.

Ultimately, my aim is to empower you with a deep sense of satisfaction and self-assurance that will transform your performance skills and pave the way for your artistic growth.

Learn from Experience

During our coaching sessions, we will delve deeper into the intricacies of stage presence, helping you unlock the secrets to commanding any audience with confidence.

Through personalised instruction, I will share practical techniques and proven strategies that have been refined over my 18 years of live performance experience of working as both a solo performer as well as part of a band.

Hanging Together

A truly remarkable band is more than just a collection of talented individuals—it’s a cohesive unit capable of creating joint musical experiences that connect with the audience.

By fostering effective communication and synergy among band members, we will transform your group into a tightly-knit ensemble that connects both with each other as well as with the audience.


As opposed to traditional teaching methods, my coaching extends beyond instrument-based instruction. 

Regardless of your musical background or experience, I am dedicated to helping you unlock your full potential as a performer. Through our coaching sessions, you will gain the tools and insights needed to bridge the gap between mere playing or singing and delivering polished performances.

Here are some of the aspects we can cover in coaching sessions, which can be online, or in person depending on location:


Attitude on stage, confidence, appearance, body language, posture, and connecting with your audience. What to do with your eyes, body, words. Making the stage your own.

Phrasing for singers

Using your vowels and consonants to ease your vocal delivery and tell the story. Vocal phrasing is the technical foundation for bringing emotion to the song and delivering the message.

Band Synchronicity

Interacting with each other to level up each other's performance overall, creating a better stage presence as a band, not just as individual musicians.

Choosing your material

What playing and singing styles suit you best, performing songs that fit who you are, the image you want to project and that appeals to your demographic.


Overcoming performance anxiety and perceived expectations of needing to perform to a standard. How to relax and give your best. Overcoming the negative internal voice.

Vocal Tone

Using the right vocal techniques to bring out the unique tone and feel in your voice, finding your best range and applying your natural speaking style to musical delivery.

Rhythm & Timing

Techniques for making sure your rhythm and timing work for the tune, , the lyrics, your guitar playing and vocals to give you the best renditions.

Guitar Accompaniment

Strengthening your playing skills to best serve the song and your singing, so that the melody shines brighter, and the listener gets pulled deeper into the emotions and the story.

Get in touch for an initial session to assess where you are on your journey. We will clarify your objectives and put together a personalised program to get you to the next stage as a performer.